Michael Thompson as Information for Humans helps companies create reliable, understandable information. With over 25 years of experience as an effective project and team manager, he is a seasoned provider of quality information controls, governance, and presentation for clients and the broader community.

His experience includes:

  • Designing and implementing controls, automation, roles, and culture that delivers more reliable, understandable data

  • Organizing structured and unstructured information to aid reference and decisions

  • Translating business objectives and audience requirements into data and software requirements

  • Helping executives use perspectives and discoveries from information to achieve major changes in their culture and process

  • Designing web-based, print and other trans-media communications, including information graphics, data display and process/product diagrams

Michael has helped clients:

  • Become efficient, confident users of data for reporting and analytics

  • Organize and make sense of unstructured or poorly structured information

  • Save time and money while designing information technology solutions for displaying, communicating and using information

  • Create a deeper connection with their audience or customers

 For example, Michael has helped:

  • A premiere global bank improve how and where it operates by creating more reliable, understandable location and workforce information

  • A government agency explain the value of its services to taxpaying constituents

  • A research institute explain the importance and implications of a policy issue

  • A clinician explain the results of otherwise complicated, technical genetics testing


Email: michael@informationforhumans.com

Phone: 646.660.0006