Michael Thompson as Information for Humans creates exciting visual communications of ideas and information. Michael helps business executives, institutional policy makers and other professionals break down complicated data and information into simple messages and visuals. With 20 years of experience as an effective project and team manager, he is a creative provider of quality information design for clients and the broader community.

His experience includes:

  • Designing web-based, print and other trans-media communications, including information graphics, data display and process/product diagrams

  • Organizing structured and unstructured information to aid reference and decisions

  • Translating business objectives and audience requirements into data and software requirements

  • Helping executives use perspectives and discoveries from information to achieve major changes in their culture and process

Michael has helped clients:

  • Create a deeper connection with their audience or customers

  • Organize and make sense of the information they need for decisions

  • Save time and money while designing information technology solutions for displaying, communicating and using information

  • Use their insights and perspectives to have a more efficient, effective and fulfilling experience with their customers, employees and community

 For example, Michael has helped:

  • A government agency explain the value of its services to taxpaying constituents

  • A research institute explain the importance and implications of a policy issue

  • A clinician explain the results of otherwise complicated, technical genetics testing